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Torchwood Tree!
torchwood, harkness, Ianto, gareth david lloyd

So, i was on for no real reason apart from the fact that i am currently VERY bored, and, as you do, i typed in the word 'torchwood'. The usual came up 'What is torchwood?' 'How to have a torchwood themed party!', all that kashiz when i came across something i find rather AWESOME!


  • The torchwood is a small citrus tree with purple fruit that never grows more than 15 feet tall. It puts out small white flowers in the spring. Both the flowers and the leaves of the torchwood tree are fragrant.

Dont you just want one? I do i do i do!!!!!!
 Dont believe its real? Go look! 

Im going to try to post atleast once a day, but dont hurt me if i dont!!!!!!



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