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Harry potter is over!
torchwood, harkness, Ianto, gareth david lloyd

Nerds are crying, dorks are dying. Crazy cat lady is going insane. They’re all screaming “What do we do?” while they tumblr all their pain. Harry potter is over! So glad that shits over!

Those are just a few lyrics from Shane Dawson’s parody of Demi Lovato’s Sky scraper.

It has to be one of the best you tube songs spoofs out there! You really should go listen to it!

When will Harry fuck Hermione? When did Ron get so Fugly?

Personally, i loved love harry potter, always have always will! However, this song is hilarious. I guess it could be kind of offensive but you just have to look at the comedy side of it!


Totally and completely off the subject, but has anybody seen Hanibal, Silence of the lambs or Crow? I recently bought them on Vhs (yes, i still watch most of my films on video) and to be honest, im scared of watching them... So are they really like nightmare films or like scream, where it makes you jump alot?


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