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Hiding from Gwen!
torchwood, harkness, Ianto, gareth david lloyd

It was a Tuesday afternoon when they all heard it. It would have been incredibly hard not to hear it considering it echoed around the whole hub. Even Janet heard it. She probably wished she could hide too.

“Jaaaacccckkkkkkk!” she whined loudly yet again. They all froze still, Ianto in the coffee room, Owen in the autopsy room, Tosh at her desk and Jack in his office.  

Ianto quickly climbed into the back of his huge coffee machine. This was where he always hid, and he hadn’t been found yet .He sighed contentedly as he snuggled down in his bed of coffee beans and closed his eyes to savour the luxurious smell. It wasn’t the most comfy place in the world but it smelt so good in there. He was happy with his hiding place and knew Gwen would never find him there.

Owen climbed into body freezer number 2 with the body of a dead weevil, mentally cursing him self for not getting into a empty one, the blood from the gaping wound in the weevils chest was smearing all over his expensive dolce and gabbana t-shirt . After the first minute he began to grip his freezing cold, numb balls in his equally freezing hand while trying desperately to remember how cold the freezer could possibly be, he guessed about twenty degrees under freezing . He was hoping and praying to a god he didn’t believe in that Gwen wouldn’t find him.

Tosh, being the genius she truly was simply pushed a button under her desk and the chair seat swung from under her letting her slide easily into a secret room with plenty of food, drink and entertainment. She contemplated having a game of Doctor Who top trumps on the wii but decided to see what was on the thousand odd channels on her tv, the water tower acted as a very good aerial.  She didn’t even think about the possibility of Gwen finding her, she was far to busy eating pop corn and watching House on her huge flat screen tv.

After discovering that the others were no where to be seen she headed up the rickety metal stairs to jacks office. His blinds were all closed and she paused for a moment in fear that maybe jacks jokes had come true and they were all in there having a giant sexy gang bang. She stopped thinking there, how could it be sexy with out her? She shook her head like the dog she was and took a deep breath.  She flung open the door and her eyes widened in shock, well, at least it wasn’t a gang bang. .

Jack was trying to force him self into the small draw in his desk, his feet were just about in. His eyes widened and a small, girlish scream escaped his mouth as he toppled down to the hard floor, his feet still stuck in the tiny draw.

“jack? What are you doing?”


Ianto and Owen were startled awake when they heard Gwen scream. Tosh didn’t hear it in her secret room. Ianto popped his head out of the machine and Owen opened the door just enough to see out of. The scream? That wasn’t Gwen.


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